Instruction Manuals

Service manuals for your PBX system are available for download below

  • Penntelco System Guide: Voicemail setup, call parking instructions, handset instructions, e-fax
  • Grandstream Wave Install Guide: Softphone for iPhone and Androids
  • Zoiper Install Guide: Softphone for Androids

  • Glossary

    Explanation of Common Terms in VOIP based PBX systems

  • Call Parking: allows you to park a caller so that another extension can retrieve the caller held in the parking lot.

  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD), or Call Queue: a module that provides a way for a PBX to queue incoming calls. A queue is a “stack” or “line” of calls that need to be answered. When a call is directed into the queue, by default, the calls are answered in a first-in, first-out order. Call queues are useful when you have more callers than people available to answer calls. Callers placed into a queue will hear music or advertising until someone is available to answer their call.

  • Ring Group: a module used to create a single extension number for users to dial in order to ring multiple extensions at the same time. It also creates a destination to which you can send calls that will ring those multiple extensions.

  • Time Groups and Conditions: a module that defines a set of rules based on time groups. A time condition has two call destinations: one if the time of the call matches the time group assigned, and another if there is no match. Time conditions are often used to control how the PBX routes calls during business hours vs. outside business hours.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR), or Virtual Attendant: a menu that allows callers to interact with your telephone system via their telephone keypads. The IVR Module is used to set up a menu system that will play an initial recording to callers, allow them to dial an option or an extension number, and route their call to a particular location based upon what they dial.

  • Support Issues and Service

    If you are experiencing any issues with your handheld phone or softphone, or need a modification to your system, please contact us at (866) TAP-0-PTC, or send an email to