Service Features

P.B.X. stands for Private Branch Exchange. In the old days with onsite PBX telephone systems, your office essentially had a private telephone network that was connected to the outside Bell Telephone system. Old onsite PBX systems required the installation of a special control box and special phones to work. With PennTelco's VOIP PBX system, the functionality and control of the internal PBX system resides on our servers with the phones connecting to that server through the internet. This offers a tremendous advantage in not having to pay for a PBX system, or its maintenance. The system is fully scalable meaning features and lines or extensions can be added on at any time.

In addition, there is another essential advantage to PennTelco's VOIP PBX system. That is, it is now possible to have multiple calls in progress with just one phone number. In the days of old POTS copper phone lines and PBX systems, orgaizations were required to purchase multiple phone numbers to have many calls in progress at the same time. When the main number was in use, the next inbound call used a free number that was set to "hunt" when the main number had a call in progress. That is no longer the case. So with the PennTelco system, organizations can now save money by dropping extra numbers. Verizon and Comcast charge roughly $13/number. Multiply that by the number of extra numbers your organization currently carries, and you'll be able to calculate your savings.

Overview of Service Features

  • Each phone acting as its own extension
  • Simultaneous calls from a single number
  • Custom phone tree/call flows
  • No additional equipment to purchase
  • Works from ANY internet connection
  • Make calls using your office number from a smartphone, tablet, iPad, PC or Mac
  • Receive voicemails and faxes by email
  • Locally based customer service
  • NO CONTRACT!! Our service is awesome, so we don't lock customers into long term agreements

Available Features

Basic Service Small Office Enterprise
Voicemail to email
  • Music on hold
  • All features from basic package plus:
  • Email to fax (send a fax by email)
  • Fax to email (receive a fax to email)
  • Automated attendant (automated greeting & menu. We can provide recorded voiceovers for just $40/message)
  • Customized call flows
  • After-hours call flow
  • Dial by name directory
  • Voicemail to email
  • All features from small office package plus:
  • Call Parking
  • Attended call transfers
  • Busy Lamp Feature(BLF) (shows extensions in use)

  • Compare PennTelco to Comcast

    How does PennTelco stack up against big name providers like Comcast? The chart below offers an up front comparison on our service and pricing features compared to Comcast's Business Edge Voice package.

    Local Service and Support

    When you switch to PennTelco, you're not just buying phone service. Not only do we provide superior service over Comcast and Verizon, but we provide exceptional customer service with local staff. We don't use offshore customer service centers and all of our techs are based locally. When you call us for help, you'll talk to a service rep who will take ownership of your account. If that's not convincing enough, just look at our superior service features. It can't be beat! Unlike the big guys, we pride ourselves on providing local service and support, and are just a phone call away when the occasional trouble does arise. With PennTelco, your organization will get high quality service and experts to assist you with migrating to an enterprise class PBX system.


    Attended Call Transfer: a transfer where before actually transferring to the destination, the call is put on hold and another call is initiated to confirm whether the end destination actually wants to take the call or not. These two calls are then merged together.

    Automated Attendant: allows callers to be automatically transferred to an extension without the intervention of an operator/receptionist). Many AAs will also offer a simple menu system ("for sales, press 1, for service, press 2," etc.). An auto attendant may also allow a caller to reach a live operator by dialing a number, usually "0".

    Busy Lamp Field(BLF): is a light on an IP phone which tells you whether another extension connected to the same PBX is busy or not. This has to be configured manually from the phone user and it is usually done by making use of the web interface