Telephone Service Pricing

Unlike other VOIP providers, our pricing structure is based on features, not the number of endpoints. PennTelco offers pricing packages based on the number of users OR the desired features with your VOIP based PBX telephone system. We offer basic plans for small office environments that are priced per user, and enterprise based pricing packages based on features needed. In either case, our pricing structure is superior to our competitors because it is both lower in price and flexible. You only pay for the features you use.

Service Packages

Basic Service Professional Enterprise
$19.95/mo $59.95/mo $149.95/mo
Up to 5 Extensions
Voicemail to email
3 call trunks (for simultaneous calls, per number)
Voicemail to email
15MB voicemail storage
Inbound calls: Free - Outbound calls $0.02/min
All features from basic package plus:
Up to 20 Extensions
5 call trunks (for simultaneous calls, per number)
Automated attendant/Interactive Voice Recording (IVR)
After-hours call flow
Receive fax by email
100MB voicemail/music storage
Music on hold
All features from small office package plus:
Up to 100 Extensions
15 call trunks (additional available on request)
Call Parking & Attended call transfers
Dial by name directory
Fax by web
Zoned Paging system
Send/receive SMS messages
Busy Lamp Feature(BLF) (extension status indicator)
Voicemail transcription 500MB voicemail/music storage
Other charges:
Phone numbers: $10/each
E911 service & regulatory fees $4.95/location
Service use (see calling packages below)
Calling packages: Choose one
Lock in your monthly bill with one of the following calling packages. Our higher volume packages offer a lower cost per minute. Not sure of your usage, or extremely low use? Go with the per minute plan. Plans can be changed at any time and will apply to the next billing cycle.
Per minute $0.01
Call Package 1: up to 1,000 min/month (16.6 hours) $14.95
Call Package 2: up to 2,000 min/month (33.3 hours) $24.95
Call Package 3: up to 5,000 min/month (83.3 hours) $49.95
Call Package 4: Unlimited $139.99
Minutes over subscribed plan billed at $0.01/minute

Billing cycle and invoicing

PennTelco's billing cycle starts on the 15th of each month and ends on 14th of the following month. Your monthly invoice will be sent via US mail or by email and can be paid by personal or corporate check, or online through our secure payment gateway.

NO CONTRACT - Cancel at any time!

Phone number portability & subscriptions

Existing phone numbers are transferrable to the PennTelco system. Porting charges are $35 per number. That charge is waived if the number is paid for 12 months in advance. If you do not have a number or want additial numbers, they can be purchased through PennTelco.
Telephone numbers are $10 per month

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