Telephone Service Pricing

PennTelco offers a fixed pricing package for our residential customers. Our residential telephone service offers the benefits of a landline at home merged with the convenience of a cell phone. Keep your phone number or get a new one! Our system can be thought of as a hybrid system that combines the best of cell phone and landline service. You get a telephone for use when you are home, but will also recieve telephone calls for your home number while on the road through free softphone and call forwarding. We offer flexible contracts for service, and you are able to cancel at any time. We also offer secondary numbers for just a $10 fee that shares your minute allowance and service plan: perfect for selling a car, use on eBay or Craigslist, or for use with online dating endeavours. With PennTelCo, you can still keep a phone on location, gain features, and cut your expensive landline.

Service Package

Basic Service

Voicemail to email
Call Forwarding
2 call channels (for simultaneous calls, per number)
2 floating channels (for conference calls 3 way calling, per number)
Call Transfer
5MB storage
Other charges:
Phone numbers: $10/each
E911 service & regulatory fees $3.95/location
Service use (see calling packages below)
Calling packages: Choose one
Lock in your monthly bill with one of the following calling packages. Our higher volume packages offer a lower cost per minute. Not sure of your usage, or extremely low use? Go with the per minute plan. Plans can be changed at any time and will apply to the next billing cycle.
Per minute $0.01
Call Package 1: up to 2,500 min/month $25.00
Call Package 2: up to 3,000 min/month $26.00
Call Package 3: up to 5,000 min/month $30.00
Call Package 4: unlimited /month $39.99
Minutes over subscribed plan billed at $0.01/minute

Billing cycle and invoicing

PennTelco's residential billing cycle starts on the (3)1st of each month and ends on 30th of the same/next month. Your monthly invoice will be sent via US mail or by email and can be paid by personal check, or online through our secure payment gateway.

NO CONTRACT - Cancel at any time!

Phone number portability & subscriptions

Existing phone numbers are transferrable to the PennTelco system. Porting charges are $35 per number. That charge is waived if the number is paid for 12 months in advance. If you do not have a number or want additial numbers, they can be purchased through PennTelco.
Telephone numbers are $10 per month

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